7 Days Ashenda Festival Tour in Mekelle-Tigray

7 Days

Explore the wonders of Ethiopia with Magic Ethiopia Tours and immerse yourself in the vibrant celebrations of the Ashenda Festival, delving into ancient cities like Axum with its historic sites, vibrant markets, and rich cultural traditions. Venture to the dramatic landscapes of Hawzen, where ancient temples and monasteries await amidst breathtaking mountain scenery. Dive deep into the spiritual heart of the region with visits to the renowned Gheralta Churches, each adorned with intricate paintings and steeped in centuries of history. Immerse yourself in the lively celebrations of the Ashenda Festival in Mekelle, experiencing the colorful traditions and joyous gatherings of Tigrai’s people. Throughout your exploration, encounter the warmth and hospitality of Ethiopia’s diverse communities, leaving you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.


Embark your day by visiting the ancient and historical city of Axum and its main attractions ; Exploring the magic and mysteries of Axum Obelisks , Underground tombs , Archeological museum and the church of our lady Mary Zion and the Ark of Covenant in the morning . Afternoon , proceed north of Axum to see the swimming pool of Queen of Sheba , Ezana Inscription , Tomb of King Kaleb and his son king Gebre Meskel . Finally, continue west of Axum to see the royal palace of Queen Sheba and Judith Stelea field . O/n Axum

After breakfast, drive via the dramatic mountain of Adwa to visit the temple of Yeha, dating from the 8th to 7th centuries BC, and thought to be the capital of pre-Aksumite civilization and the museum. Afterwards, drive another hour to see the famous and oldest monastery of Debre damo and stop on the way in Adigrat for a lunch then drive to Hawzen .O/n Gheralta Lodge

Drive 12km to west of Hawzen to see the famous church of Abune Yemata built by one of the nine saint, according to the clergymen 6thc A.D ,truly adventure place with a panoramic view and best paintings .O/n Gheralta lodge

After breakfast, driving to see mariam Korkor and Daniel Korkor takes more than an hour walking but it is an enjoyable and best view.
O/n Gheralta lodge

In the morning visit Abune Abrham church , an hour walking from the main road ,great view ,ancient church and beautiful paintings .On the way back ,visit the oldest, unique church of Abreha we Atsbeha, the final resting place of King Ezana and Sizana .Stop in Wukro for lunch, in the afternoon drive to Mekelle . O/n Mekelle Axum Hotel

Today we celebrate the Ashenda festival day with the girls in Mekelle . Ashenda is a unique Tigrian traditional festival which takes place on August 25 to mark the ending of fasting called filseta. This event is mostly for girls and young women, which they await very eagerly every year. It is unique to the people in the state of Tigrai in northern Ethiopia. The name of the festival “Ashenda” comes from the name of a tall grass that the girls make into a skirt and wear it around their waist as a decoration.

Our Mekelle Ashenda festival in Mekelle takes you to a deep cultural , traditional , beauty of the Tigrayan girls and womens gather together and celebrate their freedom day in the streets , city halls , stadium and other areas for a weekend .

Accommodation: planet or Axum Hotel

In the morning, visit the Yohannes IV museum, one of the best museums in Ethiopia and it has a lot of nice collections, as well as the spicy market of Mekelle en route stop for lunch .In the afternoon, transfer to Mekelle airport to depart to Addis. It depends, Evening attend a welfare program at a traditional restaurant with music and dancing. Finally, I transfer out to Bole Airport to depart home.

The Package Includes and Excludes

The Package Includes

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7 Days Ashenda Festival Tour in Mekelle-Tigray
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