15 Days special photography and Camping tour to Omo Valley tribes

15 Days

Camping and special photography tour to Omo Valley tribes with Magic Ethiopia tours. This 15-day tour with Magic Ethiopia explores the Omo Valley in Ethiopia, known for its diverse tribes and cultural experiences. You’ll camp and stay in lodges while visiting the Suri, Nyangatom, Karo, Hamar, Dassanech, Mursi, and Bodi tribes, with opportunities for photography and cultural interaction. The trip also includes excursions to Lake Chamo, Dorze villages, Konso, and Addis Ababa.


Depart early for your 350 km drive to Jimma. You will stop at Wolkite for lunch and cross the Gibe river valley.

Overnight: Hotel Jimma

Drive 230 km from Jimma to Mizan Teferi via Bonga enjoying the beautiful nature, on the way you will explore Wushwush tea farms.

Overnight: Hotel

Drive 100km on an asphalt road to Dimma through the beautiful tropical canappys and stop in Dimma for lunch. Continue the 90km gravel roadto Kibish. Until the team sets up the camping, you will walk and observearound the Kibish River.

Overnight: Camping at Kibish

After having breakfast at our camp, we will head to a Suri village where you will find photogenic tribal paintings and large lip plated women.
Return to our campsite for lunch and a break, then head to another Suri village and continue our discovery.

Overnight: Camping by the Kibish River.

After breakfast, drive 150 km from Kibish to Omo National Park via the new road to Omo sugar factories, After lunch we will continue the 90 km drive on the asphalt road to Nyangatom village.

Overnight: Camping near Nyangatom village

Using the early morning light you will do photography at the Nyangatom village near your campsite and get back to your camp for breakfast. In in the afternoon, you will head to another Nyangatom village and visit the tribe's house and their daily activities.

Overnight: Camping

In the morning, during the best photo light, you will do photography with the Nyangatom tribe. After lunch we will continue 100 km to Karo Dusson a partially asphalt and partially bumpy road to the largest karo village, in the afternoon you will arrive at the famous Karo tribe who live by the Omo River.

Overnight: Camping at Duse campsite

Depart for an 80 km drive to Turmi. You will have lunch at Buska Lodge. You will take a break from camping by staying at the best lodge in Omo Valley for 2 nights while doing your activity with the Hamar tribe. In the late afternoon, you may see the Bull Jumping Ceremony (Optional) and a tribal market (optional) if available or a Hamar village.

Overnight: Buska Lodge

In the morning of this day, you will visit a Hamar village. In the afternoon, you may visit a Hamar or Banna tribal market (Optional) and the bull jumping ceremony (Optional) or Evangadi dancing ceremony (optional)

Overnight: Buska Lodge

Drive 70 km to Omo Rate to spend 1 night with the Dassanech people and do your Omo Valley photography with the Dassanech tribe. You will go to a non-touristy Dassanech village near the Kenyan border where the Omo River makes a delta.

Overnight: Camping

Drive 250 km to meet with the famous Mursi tribe. The Mursi and the Suri have resemblances, however, the Mursi make fewer paintings than the Suri and appear more naturally. During the best light for photography In the afternoon, you will visit an authentic Mursi village where you will meet several women wearing a clay lip plate.

Overnight: Camping

In the Morning you will explore another Mursi village and continue 60km to Hana town to visit the Bodi tribe. In the afternoon you will explore the Bodi tribe who practice extensive body scarification.

Overnight: Camping

After breakfast leave the mago national park on the way discover a lot of animals and bird species and continue driving outside of the lower omo Valley and in the afternoon arrive at konso village, a village which is a UNESCO heritage site. continue discovering Konso.

Overnight kanta Lodge.

After breakfast, delve into the rich history of Konso, a UNESCO World Heritage Site celebrated for its impressive terracing and renowned coffee production. Learn about the Cushitic-speaking Konso people, famous for their traditional stone-walled villages and unique cultural landscape. Explore the Konso museum and cultural center, and pay a visit to the King of one of the nine clans. Continue your journey north to Arbaminch, meaning "40 springs," the capital of the Gamo zone. After lunch, experience the fascinating culture of the Dorze people, renowned for their exceptional weaving skills, unique elephant-shaped huts constructed from bamboo, and delicious local food, including Kocho. In the late afternoon, return to Arbaminch for a relaxing overnight stay.

After breakfast , take an excursion to Lake Chamo and treat yourself to a relaxing boat ride on Lake Chamo. You will see hippos, crocs, monitor lizards, monkeys and all sorts of birds. Afternoon ,you will explore the beautiful Arba Minch town and forty springs and crocodile market.

Arba Minch is situated in a beautiful setting at the foothills of the Rift Valley escarpment and overlooking Lake Abaya and Lake Chamo. The name of the town translates as ’40 springs’, which are found nearby. It is an excellent base for some trips in the surrounding area. O/n Arba Minch

Following breakfast, transfer to Arba Minch Airport for your flight back to Addis Ababa. Upon arrival, check into your hotel and enjoy a delicious lunch. In the afternoon, embark on a captivating Addis Ababa city tour. Visit the National Museum and marvel at "Lucy," the 3.2-million-year-old hominid fossil. Ascend Entoto Mountain for breathtaking panoramic views of the city.

Finally, return to your hotel with the opportunity to do some last-minute shopping before your transfer to Bole Airport for your departing flight. We bid you a fond farewell, filled with unforgettable memories of Ethiopia's wonders.

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15 Days special photography and Camping tour to Omo Valley tribes
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