11 days Meskel Festival Tour in Adigrat

11 Days

Dive deep into Ethiopia’s rich tapestry with Magic Ethiopia Tours! This comprehensive tour starts in Addis Ababa, exploring its cultural gems. Fly to Bahir Dar to witness the Blue Nile Falls and serene Lake Tana. Marvel at medieval wonders in Gondar and Lalibela’s rock-hewn churches. Witness the Ark of the Covenant in Axum and experience the Meskel festival in Tigray. Trek the Gheralta Mountains and conclude in Mekele, savoring traditional cuisine. This journey blends history, spirituality, and natural beauty for an unforgettable Ethiopian adventure.


Up on arrival at Bole international airport and met by Sycamore Ethiopia Tours and travel representative and transfer to hotel. After checking in to the hotel, a city tour of Addis. Which includes national museum- the home of complete hominid fossil remain of Lucy dates 3.2 million years back, mount entoto- the panoramic view from the highest point of Addis with an altitude of 3200 meter above sea level, trinity cathedral- beautiful church with a baroque style of European architecture unique to both Ethiopia and Africa, ethnographic museum and Merkato (the largest open air market in Africa).

Overnight in hotel

Early in the morning, transfer into the airport to fly to Bahirdar. After check-in to the hotel , a journey by sympathetic African plains eventually leads to the mighty Blue Nile fall commonly known as “Tis Isat” (water that smokes). After hiking the cataracts drive back to Bahir Dar.

Overnight in hotel

After breakfast, boat rides on Lake Tana. On Lake Tana time has still stood and dominated by an archaic, dating from early Christian mysticism and the religious interpretations of African art are characterized by Ethiopian Christianity, and the world’s Old Testament is still practiced. Visit Azua Mariam and Ura kidane Mihret monasteries which are rich in icon painting.

Overnight in hotel

After breakfast drive to Gondar, which was one of the hidden cities of the foreign trade area in the 17th century AD, Gondar is the site of ancient castle building palaces of different emperors constructed in the European middle age architectural style. After check-in to hotel visit the curious symbiosis of Ethiopian and Portuguese architectural representation of the royal enclosure which is also known as” the Camelot of Africa``, the iconic church of Debre Birhan selassie, bath of king Fasilides which still in use for the colorful celebration of Ethiopian epiphany (Timket).

In the morning, transfer into the airport to fly to the legendary Ascetic Mountain town of Lalibela. After check-in to the hotel, full day visits the 12th c. Rock-Hewn Churches; Lalibela is famous for its rock hewn churches and these brilliant feats of engineering and architecture are often referred to as the 8th wonder of the World. There are many rock churches in Lalibela, some hidden in enormous caves.

Overnight in hotel

In the morning, transfer into the airport to fly to the ancient town of Axum. after check-in to hotel visit The archaeological and historical attractions in Axum; which include, The Archaeological Museum, Monolithic Steles, The Tombs of King Kaleb and King Gebre Meskal, and the legendary Bath of the Queen of Sheba, and the ruins of ancient palace of Queen Sheba. You also visit the new and the old Cathedral of St Mary of Zion and the sanctuary that houses the original Ark of the covenant. The 16th Century Cathedral of St Mary of Zion was probably built on an earlier 4th century church, and is the holiest church in Ethiopia. In its sanctuary is said to rest the original Ark of the Covenant.

Overnight in hotel

Early in the morning after breakfast , we drive to the great temple of Yeha ,the center of sabean civilization 55km east of Axum via the historic mountains of Adwa . Then, we continued our tour to visit one of the ancient monasteries of Debre Damo dated back to 6thc A.D . The only access to climb to the magnificent church is using leather rope and climbing a 15m high cliff. This flat topped mountain is a spectacular and very religious site for Orthodox Christians found in Ethiopia .

After that we head to Adigrat town passing through the chain mountains , beautiful landscape of Tigray and we will drive over 3000m to reach the town.

Overnight in Adigrat

After breakfast ,we go to the Meskel festival in Adigrat and attend the beautiful ceremony in the extraordinary town .

Meskel, also known as the finding of the true cross, is a significant celebration observed by the Tigrian and especially in the Adigrat area . This annual festival seamlessly weaves together elements of culture, nature, and history, offering a captivating experience for both locals and visitors. Our Festival tour takes you into a vibrant tapestry of cultural expression, natural beauty, and historical significance.

Afternoon, we head to Hawzen through the beautiful Tigray landscape and remarkable scenery.

O/n in Hawzen

Today you will hike some of the marvelous ancient rock hewn churches around Gheralta mountain . Mariam korkor and daniel Korkor in the morning and afternoon we continues to see Mariam Papasit church.

Overnight: hawzen

After breakfast , we drive to west of Hawzien to see one of the most outstanding church of Abune Yemata Guh built on top of a hill ,hike for an hour hike and the church is unique for its paintings , difficult climbing , treasure as well as its spectacular view of gheralta areas.

Afternoon , we proceed to see another ancient and beautiful church of Georgis Maykado built in the 4thc A.D according to the priests, then return to the town of Hawzen and walk around to see what it looks like.

O/n Hawzen

After breakfast , we drive to south of Hawzien to see one of the most outstanding church of Abune Abraham built on top of a hill with an hour hike and the church is unique for its paintings , size and height , treasure and tunnel as well as its spectacular view of gheralta area.Then, we drive to Abraha we Atsbeha church built by the two Axumite kings in the 4th c A.D and stop at wukro for lunch . Finally , we drive to the northern star city of Mekele then transfer to Mekelle airport to depart for Addis.

Evening, attend a welfare program at a traditional restaurant with dancing then transfer at Bole airport to depart home .

The Package Includes and Excludes

The Package Includes

  • Domestic flights
  • Entrance fees
  • Local Guide Fees
  • Car rental service
  • Accommodation
  • Rope fees
  • Meals (3)
  • Miscellaneous Expenses

The Package Excludes

  • Tip
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Visa
  • International flights
  • Souvenir Expenses

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11 days Meskel Festival Tour in Adigrat
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