7 Days Italian Military Cemetery Tour in Tigray Region

7 Days
7 Days Italian Military Cemetery Tour in Tigray Region

This tour explores 7 Days Italian Military Cemetery Tour in Tigray Region. This captivating journey delves into the Tigray Region, exploring key sites that tell the story of the Italian-Ethiopian War. Walk the grounds of meticulously maintained Italian war cemeteries in Mekelle, Adigrat, and other towns, each a poignant reminder of the conflict. Stand on hallowed battlefields where history unfolded and admire the unique architectural influence of the Italians in these historic towns. But beyond the war’s legacy, Tigray boasts breathtaking natural beauty. Hike amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Tigray Mountains, and delve into Ethiopia’s ancient past at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Axum, a city steeped in mystery and boasting remarkable archaeological finds. To conclude your Ethiopian odyssey, the tour heads south to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s vibrant capital, where you’ll encounter further reminders of Italy’s presence in the country’s architectural landscape. This unforgettable 7 Days Italian Military Cemetery Tour Tigray Region promises a unique blend of historical exploration and breathtaking scenery.

Italian Military Cemetery Tour in Tigray Region


During your Mekelle city tour, we offer you the connection between Tigray and Italy in different ways like the Italian war with Ethiopians and the first siege as well as the Italian Architectural influence. Here are some of Italian colonial Architecture in Mekelle ; the Mekelle University Administration building ,originally built as a government building during the Italian era ,police station building was built by Italians it has a distinctive design with a central tower and arched windows , Ras Alula Hotel (built 1930s), Tigray Hotel (Savoia – Marchetti Hotel ), Catholic Mission (church of St. Mary and convent) and many more landmarks in the city .

O/n Mekelle

Begin your day with good breakfast and continue our drive 85 km to Alaje Mountain southern Tigray en route stop at May shimet where you can see some
Italian Inscriptions , remain structure of houses and and you will see some Italian fragmented houses which actually need more research and excavations then finally we go to the actual battle field place Alaje where the Italians defeated by the Tigrayan rulers ; Ras Alula and Ras Mengesha in 1941.After you explore the area and enjoying the nature and the gorgeous landscape return to Mekelle for over night .

O/n Mekelle

After breakfast, drive 120 km to Adigrat. On the way we stopped at Wukro to see some Italian war Cemetery then continued to Adigrat for lunch. Afternoon, visit the Italian Cemetery in Adigrat. It was established in 1936-1941 and now contains 750 graves of remains of Italian Soldiers who died during the Second World War .The cemetery serves as a reminder of the Italian presence in Ethiopia during the colonial period.

O/n Adigrat

In the morning, we drive to Axum via the historic and magnificent Tigray mountains en route and we stop in Adwa Mountains to see the Adwa battle fields, Italian cemetery in Adwa town, Adi Abun and the first consular office where the Italians opened in Ethiopia then head to Axum.

O/n Axum

Today , you will explore the ancient city of Axum and its main attractions ; the main stelea park where one of them was in Italy and come back in 2005 and erected now in its original place , Archaeological museum , Ezana inscription , royal tombs , Queen of Sheba’s palace and the St. Mary Zion church and the Ark of Covenant.

O/N Axum

After breakfast, drive to Tembien through the beautiful Tigray mountains and remarkable landscape en route to see the Italian cemetery in Wersege . This is one of the biggest Italian cemeteries in Africa. In this compound lies 10.888 Italian soldiers fallen fighting to conquer the free land of Abyssinia. Then, we continued to Hawzen to see one of the highly recommended rock churches, Abune Yemata.

Finally, driving to Mekelle by stopping at Abraha we Atsibeha were rebuilt by the Italians.

O/N Mekelle

After an early breakfast, transfer to Mekelle airport to depart Addis and continue Addis city tour. Today ,you will visit Piassa the center of Addis Ababa ,continue to see the Italian cemetery ‘Martyrs’ cemetery’’ also known as ‘’St.Andrea Cemetery, the ‘’ Palace of the Viceroy’’ ( formerly the Governor’s palace )is a prominent structure that showcases Italian architectural influence .Apart from this you may have chance to see Dire Dawa rail way station built by Italians in the early 20thc , Cinema Impero built in 1930s , the Organization of African unity complex building was designed by an Italian architect ,Arturo Mezzedimi , the original Addis Ababa stadium and other landmarks .

Evening ,after a welfare program in a traditional restaurant and saw musical dancing, transferred out to Bole airport to depart home.

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7 Days Italian Military Cemetery Tour in Tigray Region
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