4 Days Dire Sheik Hussein Mosque Tour

4 Days

This tour package immerses travelers in the captivating wonders of Ethiopia with Magic Ethiopia Tours, beginning with a journey from Addis Ababa to Bale Robe. Here, adventurers explore the magnificent Sof Omar Cave, a sprawling network adorned with towering limestone columns and steeped in religious and historical significance. The itinerary then leads to the Sheik Hussein Mosque, a sacred pilgrimage site in the Bale region, where visitors engage in spiritual rituals and cultural observances. Afterward, the journey returns to Bale Robe before concluding with a flight back to Addis Ababa, where travelers can embark on a city tour to discover the vibrant history and culture of Ethiopia’s capital. This meticulously curated experience promises an unforgettable exploration of Ethiopia’s diverse landscapes and rich heritage.


This day after breakfast we will be driving to Bale Robe south east of the capital Addis Ababa and up on arrival at Bale robe you will have a lunch then you will later see the Sof Omar cave, Around 100 kilometres east of the Bale Mountains are the Sof Omar caves, a vast, fascinating cave system through which the Web River flows.
The river flows underground over a distance of several kilometres and passes through a variety of hidden chambers which have been washed out of the limestone over thousands of years. The entrance to the cave is a
large, natural portal. Soon inside is the so-called “Chamber of Columns”, one of the finest and most imposing of all chambers. Limestone columns reach up to 20 metres high, dividing the room giving it a cathedral-like character. A 1.7 kilometre route along the river flows through the cave system. The river must be crossed seven times and it is about an hour’s walk before the daylight is seen again.
The caves are named after Sheikh Sof Omar, a local Muslim leader in the 12th
century and are a place of pilgrimage for the Muslim population of the country. But even earlier, the caves were a place of worship for
the early resident dwellers.
The caves are also interesting for any ornithologist as they feature a rare endemic bird, the Salvadori’s serin. Overnight Bale Robe

This day after having your breakfast we will have some hiking to The holy shrine of sheik Hussein is located in the North Eastern parts Bale on the edge of the Wabeshebelle river,180 km from Bale mountains national park Headquarter.
The shrine of sheik Hussein is named after a muslim holy man called Sheikh Hussein Bin malka,who was respected for his religion teaching, high devotion and miraculous deeds.According to local legends he was born in 12th century and lived for long years, most of his time he spent in the shrine.

Pilgrims from all over the country come on foot, horseback and by mule from up to 1000km away to pay homage and to partake in a ceremony organized in memory of their religious leader. The pilgrimage takes place twice a year: in June to commemorate the anniversary of Sheikh Hussein and in October to
celebrate the birth of the Prophet Mohammed. The pilgrimage depends on the lunar calendar, so the exact date varies each year.
The shrine is located at the end of the town and is surrounded by white washed walls. Shoes are removed and left outside; long pants and long sleeved shirts should be worn. After the celebration, some of the pilgrims continue on to the holy cave Sof- omer, located not far from the shrine.
Overnight in a local village

After enough praying time begin our driving back to Bale Robe for overnight

In the morning , transfer out to Bale airport and to depart to Addis

The Package Includes and Excludes

The Package Includes

  • Domestic flights
  • Entrance fees
  • Local Guide Fees
  • Car rental service
  • Accommodation
  • Rope fees
  • Meals (3)
  • Miscellaneous Expenses

The Package Excludes

  • Tip
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Visa
  • International flights
  • Souvenir Expenses

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4 Days Dire Sheik Hussein Mosque Tour
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