Day Trip to Wenchi Crater Lake

Wenchi crater lake is one of the highest (3300m) lakes in Ethiopia. It is located on 155 km (96 miles) west of Addis Ababa. It is made out of an extinct Volcano.

It takes, 3 hours of drive (one way) to reach the magnificent Wenchi Crater Lake, making it the right place for those who have one day layover in Addis Ababa. Once you arrived at Wenchi village, you will either trek for 2 hours or enjoy Horse ride to the rim of the crater.
On your way to the rim of the crater, you will enjoy a beautiful views and waterfalls along the way.
From the shore of the lake, take a boat ride to the small island called Deber and visiti the monastery of Kirkos which is dated back to 16th century.


1. Meet and pick from your designated place.

2. Drive 3 hours from Addis Ababa to west direction via Ambo Road.

3. Arrive at Wenchi village, meet up and learn about local Oromo farmers living around Wenchi crater lake.

4. Start trekking or Horse Ride to the rim of the crater.

5. Take boat ride to Deber island to visit Kirkos Monastery.

6. Trek back or take Horse ride to get back to the car.

7. Drive back to Addis Ababa and drop off at your designated location (hotel, airport or any)

#End of the trip!

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Day Trip to Wenchi Crater Lake
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