Day Tour to Simien Mountain National Park

1 Day

In the morning drive from Gondar to Debark, which is the headquarter town for the national park. We will stop here to get permission to enter the park and meet the scout. We will have tea and coffee break .

From Debark town, we will drive to the park gate, which is about 16km from the town. Then, we are heading about 6km to Buit Ras, the first area of the national park. From Buit Ras, we will trek for about 3, 4 hours to Chilkuwanit which is one of the most beautiful viewpoints. This area offers stunning views over the escarpment dropping vertically.

You will most certainly encounter troops of the endemic Gelada Baboons and see them up-close.
You may also see common jackals, klipspringers and more.

There are a lot of birds such as Thick-billed Raven, Augur Buzzard, Black Kites, Lammergeyer and different plant species such as Abyssinian Rose, Erica Arboria tree, Euphorbia Species, St. John’s Worttree(Hypercumrevoltum) and so on. Our car will pick you up at Chilkuwanit and drive back to Gondar .

O/n Gondar


Get on a memorable one-day journey from Gondar to the stunning Simien Mountains National Park. After a scenic drive, we'll arrive at Debark, where we'll arrange our entry permits and meet our guide. Enjoy a refreshing tea and coffee break before continuing our adventure. Setting off from Debark, we'll drive to the park gate and then venture into the breathtaking landscapes, trekking approximately 3 to 4 hours to reach Chilkuwanit, renowned for its panoramic views of the vertiginous escarpment.

Along the way, marvel at the endemic Gelada Baboons in their natural habitat and keep an eye out for other wildlife like common jackals and klipspringers. Birdwatchers will delight in spotting various avian species, including Thick-billed Ravens and Augur Buzzards.

The area also boasts diverse flora, including Abyssinian Roses and Euphorbia Species. After soaking in the natural beauty, our journey concludes as we return to Gondar, leaving behind unforgettable memories of this remarkable Ethiopian wilderness.

The Package Includes and Excludes

The Package Includes

  • Domestic flights
  • Entrance fees
  • Local Guide Fees
  • Car rental service
  • Accommodation
  • Rope fees
  • Meals (3)
  • Miscellaneous Expenses

The Package Excludes

  • Tip
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Visa
  • International flights
  • Souvenir Expenses

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Day Tour to Simien Mountain National Park
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