7 Days Tigray Region Tour

7 Days

Get on an enriching journey through the historical and cultural wonders of Tigray with Magic Ethiopia Tours. Delve into the ancient mysteries of Axum, where centuries of history come alive amidst awe-inspiring monuments and archaeological marvels. From there, venture into the captivating landscapes of Gheralta, where hidden gems await discovery amidst rugged mountains and serene valleys. Explore the intricately carved churches of Hawzen and the ancient relics of the Wukro cluster, immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of Tigrayan heritage and spirituality. Let us guide you on this unforgettable exploration, where every step reveals new insights into the vibrant past of this remarkable region.


Upon arrival in Axum, our friendly representative will welcome you and whisk you away to your hotel. After checking in, prepare to be dazzled by a city tour steeped in history. Explore the majestic Giant Obelisks, marvel at the mysteries of the underground tombs, and delve into the past at the Archaeological Museum. In the afternoon, continue your journey to the legendary Queen of Sheba's Palace and the intriguing fields of stelae erected by King Ezana. As the day draws to a close, settle into your comfortable accommodations at Yared Zema Hotel in Axum.

Fuel up for the day with a delicious breakfast before embarking on a drive west of Axum. Your destination: the fabled Gobo Dura quarry, considered the birthplace of the obelisks. Take a one-hour hike to the base of the mountain, where you'll witness the captivating curved lion carved into stone and the unfinished obelisks standing testament to a bygone era. As you descend, take a moment to observe the daily life unfolding in the nearby village. In the afternoon, return to Axum and delve deeper into its rich history. Visit the Queen of Sheba's Swimming Pool, decipher the ancient Ezana inscriptions, and pay your respects at the tombs of King Kaleb and his son Gebre Meskel. On the way back, stop by the iconic St. Mary of Zion Church, its museum, and the legendary resting place of the Ark of the Covenant. Rest comfortably for another night at Yared Zema Hotel.

Following breakfast, depart for Hawzen, but not before making captivating stops along the way. Admire the scenic Adwa Mountains and the historical significance of the Yeha Temple. After a filling lunch and refreshing coffee break, continue your journey to witness Debre Damo, the oldest monastery in Ethiopia. Spend a couple of hours exploring this sacred site before reaching your final destination for the day, Adigrat town, where you'll spend the night at Agoro Lodge.

This day is dedicated to exploring the remarkable rock-hewn churches of Gheralta. In the morning, embark on a captivating visit to Mariam Korkor and Daniel Korkor, each a testament to the ingenuity and faith of the people who built them. In the afternoon, continue your journey to discover Mariam Papsit, another architectural marvel nestled in the mountains. As the day draws to a close, unwind at Vision Hotel in Hawzen.

After a fortifying breakfast, lace up your hiking boots and prepare to conquer the most marvelous rock-hewn church of all - Abune Yemata. This impressive structure will leave you breathless. In the afternoon, descend and proceed to St. George/Giorgis Maykado, another remarkable church carved into the cliffs. Celebrate your accomplishments with a relaxing overnight stay at Vision Hotel in Hawzen.

Today, embark on a southward journey from Hawzen. Stop to admire the ancient and exquisitely crafted churches of the Wukro cluster: Abune Abraham, Abraha we Atsibeha, and Wukro Cherkos. Each church tells a unique story, offering a glimpse into the artistic and religious traditions of the region. Finally, arrive in Mekelle, where you'll spend the night at the comfortable HZ Grand Hotel.

In the morning, explore the vibrant city of Mekelle. Immerse yourself in local history at the Yohannes IV Museum, pay your respects at the Mekelle Martyrs Monument, and discover the secrets behind Ethiopia's beloved coffee on a captivating coffee tour. In the late afternoon, transfer to Mekelle Airport for your flight back to Addis Ababa, carrying with you unforgettable memories of Tigray's ancient wonders.

The Package Includes and Excludes

The Package Includes

  • Domestic flights
  • Entrance fees
  • Local Guide Fees
  • Car rental service
  • Accommodation
  • Rope fees
  • Meals (3)
  • Miscellaneous Expenses

The Package Excludes

  • Tip
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Visa
  • International flights
  • Souvenir Expenses

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7 Days Tigray Region Tour
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