5 Day Tembien-Abyi Adi Churches and Axum Tour

5 Days

This adventure in Ethiopia’s Tigray region offers a unique blend of history and nature. Explore ancient rock-hewn churches like Abba Yohanni, hike to the breathtaking Debre Amba Selassie, and discover the historic city of Axum with its iconic stelae and obelisks. Along the way, you’ll encounter stunning mountain landscapes and pay homage at the Abune Gerima monastery.


After breakfast, drive to Tembien Abyi Adi town via Hagere Selam and the beautiful Tigray Landscape. After you check in, continue our drive to see the ancient rock hewn church of Abba Yohanni . This church was built in the 6thc A.D on a high cliff and 2300 m altitude.

In the afternoon, continue to the italian cemetery nearby and more than 10 thousands italians buried during the Ethiopia and Italian war .Then, back to town to relax by having the honeywine.

O/n Mylomin Lodge

Drive to Axum via Nebelet town. On the way, visit Maryam Wukro, one of Tigray's oldest monolithic churches, carved directly into the rock face.
Next, back to main road Ayi Adi Adwa road and continue to the Abune Gerima Monastery, a sacred sanctuary nestled amidst the scenic Adwa Mountains As you delve deeper into Tigray's rich past, breathtaking landscapes will unfold before you.
Finally, reach Axum, the cradle of Ethiopian civilization, where you'll spend the night and prepare to explore its iconic stelae and obelisks tomorrow.
Overnight - Hotel - Axum

In the morning, start your tour via the Northern Stelae Park,witness towering obelisks, some reaching back to the 4th century AD. Marvel at the tallest standing obelisk, a staggering 28 meters high.

Then, continue into the St. Mary Zion Church and Immerse yourself in one of Ethiopia's holiest sites. This revered church is believed to hold the Ark of the Covenant, a sacred chest said to contain the Ten Commandments.

Afternoon , continue to the royal Resting Places and delve into history at the Tombs of Kings Kaleb and Gebre Meskal. These colossal structures, carved from solid rock, offer a glimpse into ancient royalty. Finally, explore the Queen of Sheba's Palace and Bath, though their historical ties to the legendary queen remain unproven .

Excursion to Yeha Temple and Adwa mountains
Journey to Yeha, believed to be one of the country's oldest cities. Explore the Great Temple, a marvel of dry-stone masonry, and gain insights into the Sabean civilization that once flourished here. Uncover ancient artifacts and manuscripts at the Yeha Museum.
Continue your journey with a scenic drive through the Tigrayan countryside, savouring a delicious traditional Ethiopian lunch in Adwa. Immerse yourself in history at the Adwa battlefield, where Ethiopian forces secured a decisive victory against the Italian army in 1896. Learn about this pivotal moment that shaped Ethiopia's destiny.
Finally, return to Axum for a restful night, carrying the echoes of history with you.

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5 Day Tembien-Abyi Adi Churches and Axum Tour
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