12 Days Danakil, Omo Valley and Harar Tour

12 Days

Unforgettable Ethiopia: Diverse Landscapes & Rich Cultures! This meticulously crafted tour starts in Addis Ababa. Explore the city before soaring to Mekelle. Witness the fiery spectacle of Erta Ale Volcano with a guided trek. Descend into the surreal Danakil Depression and marvel at Dallol. Encounter the Mursi tribe in Jinka and witness their customs. Explore the vibrant Hammer tribes in Turmi. Immerse yourself in the unique traditions of Karo and Konso villages. Relax by the serene Lake Chamo in Arbaminch.

Conclude with a visit to historic Harar. Witness the Hyena Man tradition and explore the Valley of Marvels. Bid farewell to Ethiopia with memories to last a lifetime!


Up on arrival in Addis Ababa Bole airport our representative will welcome you and take you to your hotel .

O/n Addis

Magic Ethiopia Tours starts from Mekelle at 8.30 AM. It’s a long way, it takes 7 hours driving to the base of Erta ale volcano (a place called Askoma). On the way, lunch and taking pictures of the wonderful landscapes is considered. You will stay in a place called Askoma for about 2 hours until the sun goes down and eat your dinner before trekking. It is very hard hiking to the volcano on that day. It is the hottest place on earth with an annual average temperature of 40-50ºC, but it is the most incredible place you have to experience and visit. Erta ale means literally “smoky mountains” by the local afar language and they called it “the gateway of hell' '. When the sun goes down you start hiking for about three hours to the top of the volcano. After a 10 minutes break you will see the most astonishing volcano quite near to the lava. The volcano is 50m wide besides of the two corners and 100m down from its epicenter. Overnight on the top of the volcano.

5.30am early morning you will see the striking activities of the volcano in the daytime. You will be back to the camp (Askoma means red sand by the local Afaric language) 3 hours trekking down. You will pass with scattered small desert trees and an igneous rock from the many years of eruption of the volcano. And you will eat your breakfast on the camp Askoma. After 1 hour rest and accumulating cooking materials you will proceed to Lake Afdera for lunch. You can swim in this salt lake. And then proceed to Hamedilla. Hamedila is a small village with around 700 people living there in winter, autumn and spring seasons.

Overnight Hamedilla.

Early morning with sunrise you will drive to Dallol. Dallol Danakil is the astounding and staggering place of the earth. It’s the second lowest point on earth after the dead sea of Israel. This breathtaking place has many salt springs with different colors and structures. It has a composition of many minerals with extra outstanding sulfur and potassium elements. The place where the salt digging out from the ground is part of this overwhelming place. You will see the phenomenal sites of the desert place including the sulfur and potassium place, salt mountains, oil lakes and the salt mining place. After all the enjoyable visit to the Danakil depression you will drive to Mekelle via Berahle and finish the unforgettable Danakil trip @5:30pm in the late afternoon then transfer to Mekelle airport to depart to Addis Ababa.

O/n Addis

upon arrival in Jinka Airport transfer to hotel. In the afternoon embark on a day excursion to Mago National Park to visit the Mursi village, home to one of Ethiopia's most distinct ethnic groups. The Mursi are famous around the world for their instantly recognizable 'lip plates'. They are pastoralists who keep herds of cattle and goats and are most famed for the lip-piercing custom of their women who, at the coming of age insert clay disks into incisions made in their lower lips. In addition, they are the warrior tribe of the Omo Valley.

Overnight Jinka in hotel

After breakfast, drive to Turmi heart of the Hammer tribes and Continue to Omo Rate town 70km south of Turmi. It is the last border town with Kenya. The Dassanech or Daasanach tribe live around Omo Rate. Dassanech means people of the delta in the local language. After experiencing the Dassanech people, you will return to Turmi for lunch and late afternoon visit the Hammer tribes and their village. The Hammer tribes are known for their unique custom of "bull jumping," which initiates a boy into manhood.. overnight turmi in lodge.

Drive from Turmi to the Karo tribe and get an authentic cultural experience with the Karo people. They are famous for elaborate body and face painting. In the afternoon on the way, you may visit a tribal market on a Market day (Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday). You will pass by the Banna tribal village and meet with the beautiful Banna tribe who live an agro pastoral lifestyle producing sorghum and maize along with their cattle and goat herd.

continue to Konso for overnight kanta lodge.

Following breakfast, visit the Konso village, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Ethiopia celebrated for its terracing and also known for producing some of the best coffee in the country. The Konso are Cushitic-speaking people who live in southwest Ethiopia and are famous for their traditional stone-walled villages and Cultural Landscape. You will also visit the Konso museum and cultural center as well as the King of one of the nine clans of the Konso people.
And continuing 90 km 2 hours north of Konso to Arba Minch means 40 spring capital of the Gamo zone, and after lunch you will visit the Dorze Village.
The Dorze people are famous for weaving, pottery, and Kocho, local food. You will experience the local food and experience the cultures and traditions of the Dorze people.
The Dorze people are also well-known for their exceptional weaving skills and their unique huts, which are shaped like elephants and constructed using bamboo.

Late afternoon drive back to Arba Minch overnight.

After breakfast , take an excursion to Lake Chamo.and treat yourself to a relaxing boat ride on Lake Chamo you will see hippos, crocs, monitor lizards, monkeys and all sorts of birds. Afternoon ,you will explore the beautiful Arba Minch town and forty springs and crocodile market .

Arba Minch is situated in a beautiful setting at the foothills of the Rift Valley escarpment and overlooking Lake Abaya and Lake Chamo. The name of the town translates as ’40 springs’, which are found nearby. It is an excellent base for some trips in the surrounding area.

O/n Arba Minch

After breakfast , transfer to Arba Minch airport to depart to Addis .Upon arrival in bole airport your guide will take you to the hotel then you eat your lunch . Afternoon , continue your Addis city tour by the National museum where you can see the ancient human race of 'Lucy' 3.2 m years old female then proceed to Entoto Mountain ,to the panoramic view of Addis Ababa . Finally ,back to the hotel en route you can do some shopping.

O/n Addis

Fly from Addis Ababa to Diredawa, meet my representatives and wait for you at the Airport with a sign of your name on it. Drive to Harar check-in to your Hotel. After resting, go out for a city tour of Harar.
On the Harar city tour you will walk in the narrow alleyways of city paths passing through its colorful house and visit the Sheriff Museum (former Ras Teferi Honeymoon house), Rimbaud House, and Harari National Cultural Center. Visit Harari’s colorful house and local market.

One of the Best Experiences of Harar is to see the hyena man. He is a man who Tames the wild Hyena. He feeds Meat to the wild hyenas every night. Sometimes by holding meat in his mouth and a Hyena comes to grab and also you will see the black kite bird feeding, tomb of Amir nur mujahid.

O/n Harar

Morning Drive from Harar to Babile Camel Market and Valley of Marvels. Babile is the largest Camel Market in the region . It happens every Monday and Thursday.
Somali and Oromo farmers will walk to Babile to sell their Camels, Goats, and cattle. We will also drive further to the Valley of Marvels. It has wonderful landscapes, famous for its balancing rock formations. It is amazing to see how a big stone balances and stays on the tip of a single stone.
If It is not happen to be on a Market Day and not worth visiting Babile On your way back to Dire Dawa you will visit Koremi. Koremi is a village older than Harar itself. Its houses are built of stone in a very old style that may show the ancient architecture of the area.
The People is a Koremi plant, a mild Narcotic plant called Qat and coffee.Drive back to Diredawa airport to fly back to Addis depending on your flight and transfer to bole airport to depart home.

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12 Days Danakil, Omo Valley and Harar Tour
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