10 days photography tour to Lalibela, Tigray Churches and Danakil Depression

10 Days

This 10-day tour of Ethiopia starts in Addis Ababa with a city tour including the National Museum and Merkato, the largest open-air market in Africa. Then fly to Lalibela to see the famous rock-hewn churches. Fly to Axum to see the giant obelisks and other historical sites. Hike to some of the ancient rock-hewn churches around Gheralta Mountains. Next drive to Erta Ale Volcano, one of the hottest places on Earth, for night-time trekking to see the lava lake. Finally, visit Dallol, a colorful and desolate place with salt flats, and then return to Mekele.


Up on arrival you will be welcomed by our representative and transfer to your hotel. We will start our tour from Entoto park to have a panoramic view of the city. On the way back, stop by the National Museum to see Lucy , 3.2 million-year old bones (a female skeleton).

After lunch , continue to see the Holy Trinity Cathedral church built by Emperor Haile Silassie in 1944 .Finally ,continue to visit Merkato, the biggest open air market in Africa.

O/n Addis

Today you fly to Lalibela to see the Wonder land and UNESCO world heritage site of Lalibela Churches . You will start the tour in the afternoon to see some of the Marvelous rock churches and end your day by enjoying the sunset view at Bena Abeba restaurant . Next morning ,continue to see the second group of Churches then transfer to the airport to depart to Axum.

O/n Lalibela

Up on arrival in Axum airport you will be welcomed by our agent and take you to your hotel, after check in continue to visit the historical city of Axum and its main attractions; the giant obelisks of Axum, underground tombs, Ezana inscriptions, tombs of king Kaleb and G/meskel , St.Mary of zion church and the Queen of Sheba's palace as well as highlights of the beautiful town.

Overnight in Axum

Early in the morning after breakfast, we drive to the great temple of Yeha ,the center of sabean civilization 55km east of Axum via the historic mountains of Adwa . Then we continue our tour to visit one of the ancient monasteries of Debre Damo dated back to 6thc A.D. The only access to climb to the magnificent church is using leather rope and climbing a 15m high cliff. This flat topped mountain is a spectacular and very religious site for Orthodox Christians found in Ethiopia.

After that we head to Adigrat and pass through the chain mountains , beautiful landscape of Tigray and we will drive over 3000m to reach the town. In the afternoon, after lunch we continued our drive to stay overnight.

Today you will hike some of the marvelous ancient rock hewn churches around Gheralta mountain . Mariam korkor and daniel Korkor in the morning and afternoon we continues to see Mariam Papasit church.

Overnight: hawzen

After breakfast , we drive to west of Hawzien to see one of the most outstanding church of Abune Yemata built on top of a hill with an hour hike and the church is unique for its paintings, difficult climbing, treasure as well as its spectacular view of gheralta areas.
Afternoon, we proceed to see another ancient and beautiful church of Georgis Maykado built in the 4thc A.D according to the priests, then return to the town of Hawzen and walk around to see what it looks like.

O/n Hawzen

After breakfast , we drive to south of Hawzien to see one of the most outstanding church of Abune Abraham built on top of a hill with an hour hike and the church is unique for its paintings , size and height , treasure and tunnel as well as its spectacular view of gheralta area.Then, we drive to Abraha we Atsbeha church built by the two Axumite kings in the 4th c A.D and stop at wukro for lunch.

Finally , we drove to the northern star city of Mekele.

Magic Ethiopia Tours starts from Mekelle at 8.30 AM. It’s a long way, it takes 7 hours driving to the base of Erta ale volcano (a place called Askoma). On the way to lunch and taking pictures of the wonderful landscapes is considered. You will stay in a place called Askoma for about 2 hours until the sun goes down and eat your dinner before trekking. It is very hard hiking to the volcano during the day time. It is the hottest place on earth with an annual average temperature of 40-50ºC, but it is the most incredible place you have to experience and visit. Erta ale means literally “smoky mountains” by the local afar language and they called it “the gateway of hell”. When the sun goes down you start hiking for about three hours to the top of the volcano. After a 10 minutes break you will see the most astonishing volcano quite near to the lava. The volcano is 50m wide besides of the two corners and 100m down from its epicenter. Overnight camping on the top of the volcano.

5.30am early morning you will see the striking activities of the volcano in the daytime. You will be back to the camp (Askoma means red sand by the local Afaric language) 3 hours trekking down. You will pass with scattered small desert trees and an igneous rock from the many years of eruption of the volcano. And you will eat your breakfast on the camp Askoma. After 1 hour rest and accumulating cooking materials you will proceed to Lake Afdera for lunch. You can swim in this salt lake. And then proceed to Hamedilla. Hamedila is a small village with around 700 people living there in winter, autumn and spring seasons. Overnight Hamedilla.

Early morning with sunrise you will drive to Dallol. Dallol Danakil is the astounding and staggering place of the earth. It’s the second lowest point on earth after the dead sea of Israel. This breathtaking place has many salt springs with different colors and structures. It has a composition of many minerals with extra outstanding sulfur and potassium elements. The place where the salt digging out from the ground is part of this overwhelming place. You will see the phenomenal sites of the desert place including the sulfur and potassium place, salt mountains, oil lakes and the salt mining place. After all the enjoyable visit to the Danakil depression you will drive to Mekelle via Berahle and finish the unforgettable Danakil trip @5:30pm in the late afternoon then , transfer to Mekelle airport to depart Addis Ababa. Evening , attend a welfare program at a traditional restaurant with musical dancing then transfer to Bole airport to depart home.

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10 days photography tour to Lalibela, Tigray Churches and Danakil Depression
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