10 days  Combined Tour to Axum, Lalibela and Omo Valley Tribes

10 Days

Go on board on a captivating 10-day odyssey with Magic Ethiopia Tours, where the ancient wonders of Axum, the mystical charm of Lalibela, and the cultural tapestry of the Omo Valley await. Begin your adventure in Axum, exploring the monumental stelae park, Queen of Sheba’s palace, and the historic Great Temple of Yeha. Immerse yourself in the rich history of Adwa, a journey through time.

Lalibela beckons with its UNESCO World Heritage Site status, where awe-inspiring rock-hewn churches and traditional mass services transport you to a bygone era. Venture into the Omo Valley, a melting pot of cultures. Encounter the Mursi tribe, known for their distinctive lip plates, and witness vibrant traditions of the Hammer, Karo, and Banna tribes.

Dive into the Konso cultural landscape, wander through the Dorze village, and set sail on Lake Chamo for an encounter with crocodiles and hippos. As your Ethiopian adventure unfolds, absorb the rich heritage of the Konso people. Conclude your journey in Addis Ababa with a city tour featuring the National Museum and a panoramic view from Entoto Mountain.

Join us on this unforgettable expedition where history, culture, and natural wonders seamlessly converge, leaving you with cherished memories of Ethiopia’s diverse and enchanting landscapes.


Upon arrival in Axum, your guide will whisk you away to your hotel. Immerse yourself in the city's rich history with a visit to the awe-inspiring stelae park, featuring towering obelisks that stand as silent sentinels of a bygone era. Continue your exploration with the royal tombs and the archaeological museum, offering glimpses into Axum's glorious past. In the afternoon, delve further into local legends with visits to the Queen of Sheba's swimming pool, the Ezana Inscription, and the tombs of King Kaleb and his son, King Gebre Meskel. Wrap up your day by venturing west of Axum to witness the enigmatic Queen of Sheba's palace and the Judith stelae field.

After breakfast, embark on a captivating journey eastward from Axum. Visit the pre-Axumite civilization of Yeha, exploring the ruins of the Great Temple and the museum that sheds light on this ancient civilization. En route, stop at Adwa, a town steeped in history, to witness the imposing Adwa mountains and the battlefields where a decisive victory was secured. Return to Axum in the afternoon and conclude your day with a visit to the venerated Church of Our Lady Mary, believed to hold the Ark of the Covenant.

This morning, catch a flight to Lalibela, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its extraordinary rock-hewn churches. Upon arrival, settle into your accommodations and prepare to be awestruck by these architectural marvels. In the afternoon, embark on your exploration of some of these incredible churches, marveling at their intricate carvings and unique features. End your day enjoying a breathtaking sunset view from the Bena Abeba restaurant.

Rise early and witness a traditional mass service in one of Lalibela's main churches, gaining a deeper understanding of the local religious practices. Following this spiritual experience, continue your exploration by visiting the remaining group of churches that make up Lalibela's incredible complex. Later in the afternoon, transfer to the airport for your departure flight to Addis Ababa.

After breakfast in Addis Ababa, catch a connecting flight to Jinka, the gateway to the Omo Valley. Settle into your hotel and prepare for an afternoon excursion to Mago National Park. Here, you'll have the opportunity to visit a Mursi village and encounter this fascinating tribe known for their unique lip plates. Learn about their pastoral way of life and warrior traditions.

This morning, depart for Turmi, the heartland of the Hammer tribe. En route, you'll stop at Omorate town, situated near the Kenyan border, and have the chance to interact with the Dassanech people who inhabit the Omo Delta region. Continue to Turmi, where you'll enjoy lunch before venturing out to visit a Hammer tribe village. Witness their renowned "bull jumping" ceremony, a rite of passage for young men.

Leave Turmi behind and embark on a journey to discover the Karo tribe. Immerse yourself in their culture, known for the elaborate body and face painting practiced by both men and women. Depending on the day of the week, you might have the opportunity to visit a bustling tribal market on your way. Make a stop at the Banna village and meet this agro-pastoral tribe known for their unique way of life. Finally, reach Konso for the night.

Following breakfast, delve into the rich heritage of the Konso people. Explore their village, a UNESCO World Heritage Site celebrated for its stunning terracing and traditional stone-walled structures. Visit the Konso museum and cultural center to gain deeper insights into their way of life. Meet the King of one of the nine Konso clans and learn about their social structure. In the afternoon, continue your journey north to Arbaminch, the "city of forty springs." After lunch, visit the Dorze village, renowned for their exceptional weaving skills and unique beehive-shaped huts. Experience their local cuisine, Kocho, and discover their traditions.

Fuel up for an exciting morning adventure. Embark on a boat trip across Lake Chamo, keeping your eyes peeled for the resident crocodiles and hippos. The "crocodile market" is a fascinating spot where these prehistoric creatures can be seen basking in the sun. Marvel at the natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes, including the "forty springs" that feed the lake. After a short walk through the nearby jungle, return to Arbaminch for a relaxing overnight stay at your resort or hotel.

After breakfast, transfer to Arbaminch Airport for your flight back to Addis Ababa. Upon arrival in the capital, your guide will whisk you away to your hotel, where you can freshen up and enjoy a delicious lunch. In the afternoon, embark on a captivating city tour, starting with the National Museum, home to "Lucy," the famous 3.2-million-year-old hominid skeleton. Ascend Entoto Mountain for a final panoramic view of Addis Ababa, bidding farewell to this remarkable city. On your way back to the hotel, stop by some local shops for any last-minute souvenirs before your evening transfer to Bole Airport for your departure flight.

Package Includes and Excludes

Package Includes

  • Domestic flights
  • Entrance fees
  • Local Guide Fees
  • Car rental service
  • Accommodation
  • Rope fees
  • Meals (3)
  • Miscellaneous Expenses

Package Excludes

  • Tip
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Visa
  • International flights
  • Souvenir Expenses

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10 days  Combined Tour to Axum, Lalibela and Omo Valley Tribes
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