The town of Negash or sometimes referred to as Al Nejash is Africa’s first Muslim settlement. During the prophet Mohammed period when the Quraysh Arab Merchant chases the prophet and his family, the prophet advised his daughter Rukiya and her husband Uthman along with their 12 companions make their journey to Ethiopia. The then king of Ethiopia Sheltered them and awarded them a permanent residence to live in. Lately, the prophet’s daughter along with her companions died and buried in the historical mosque of AlNejash.

What to See?


The beautifully reconstructed mosque of Alnejash is one of the attractions to be watched within the mosque yard. Inside the mosque check the cemetery of the 12 companions of the prophet daughter and Rukiya and her husband’s tombs.


A daily flight is available from Addis Ababa to Mekelle. Nejash is found 50 km from Mekelle. Consult the Tour Operators in Addis Ababa or Mekelle to arrange your trip to Nejash. Nejash also can be accessed from Aksum.

The mosque is found along the Mekelle-Adigrat highway and easily accessible.

There are a lot of standard lodging facilities in the town of wukro which is 10 km south of AlNejash.




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